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What our families are saying:

​"I am just writing this to thank all those involved in the online school program. My son was enrolled with you from 7-9 grade. He was bullied and developed a severe school anxiety. We had tears every morning, and sometimes he was so upset he would be sick. The public school system was not willing to help at all. As I felt doors closing all around me, I discovered your program. Your teachers and staff were so kind and patient with my son throughout those years, always making him feel welcome at whatever level of commitment he gave. This fall he started at a "brick and mortar" public high school. Special thanks to the many teachers who helped him through.  He is doing great, and may even make the honor roll! Your program is so important for families like ours, who need to try something else. I know you meet the needs of so many different types of unique situations. I do not know what the next few years will bring, and maybe we will return to online at some point. Thank you for being there for us!"​
"I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this program! It has given my autistic son the ability to learn and be successful on HIS terms! His intelligence is not determined by the terms of an over-packed public school that doesn't have enough teachers to handle children like mine!Putting him in this school was the BEST parental decision my husband and I have ever made for him! We are amazed by his ability and desire to learn, now that he is able to get that one-on-one attention he needed!My son was being bullied at his local school.  He was miserable and it was affecting his grades.  When he's online with his classmates at iQ it's like night and day!  They respect each other and his grades are thriving!"
"PSEO is going GREAT for our daughter! She loves the classes and even made a few new friends. We feel that online school actually prepared her more than traditional students for college classes. She is staying very organized and on top of her assignments.iQ Academy definitely taught her the importance of working independently and not falling behind in her classes."

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