Tech Tips

Common Technical Issues

Below are links to view common technical support requests and the quickest ways you can resolve issues on your own.

  • Forgot Login - Click the “Forgot user name?” and “Forgot password?” links located on the Login window to have your username and/or password emailed to your personal e-mail address on file.
  • Internet Connections
  • My Info: Access in the learning coach account to identify materials needed and track package shipment.
  • Speakers & Microphone: A working microphone and speaker (headset) is not provided by the school but is a required component for online learning. You need to be sure you can hear your teacher and your teacher can hear you.
  • Class Connect - Java Download

Student related requests

K12 Technical Assistance

Contact K12 directly for technical issues and questions regarding materials: /866-512-2273

Common K12 Support Topics

Remote Login (LogMein)

K12 Customer Support has the ability to remotely log into the school provided laptop to troubleshoot and resolve issues. Using the web-based software program, the support technician will direct you to the LogMeIn website and provide you with an access code. This gives the technician permission to access the school-provided laptop. The technician will then take temporary control of the laptop while they work to resolve the issue. When they are done and you leave the website, full-control of the laptop will be restored to you.

This remote login feature will enable the support staff to resolve complex issues more quickly.

Laptop Reimage

The time might come when a computer encounters a problem that cannot be corrected by a K12 Customer Support technician logging in remotely. It may be decided that the laptop needs to be re-imaged.

  • If the ability to log into the student account is still available, go in and back up any files worth saving to a flash storage device or CD. Re-imaging the laptop causes all the files on it to be over-written; meaning everything that is not backed up will be lost.*
  • K12 Customer Support technicians will walk through the re-imaging process on a case-by-case basis. Once completed, a fresh copy of all the software and settings for the laptop will be restored.

* Although your software will be restored on your laptop; files, such as word documents, will be lost if they are not backed up. To prevent the loss of important documents, please back up your files throughout the school year. Or better yet, use Google Drive and Google Docs for all your document creation and management.

Ticket Resolution

K12 Customer Support will assist students with technical issues that interfere with their ability to access their online content. We will work hard to resolve all issues during your initial phone call, but it is not always possible to resolve an issue immediately. For this reason, you will be offered a ticket number at the end of your call. Please refer to the ticket number if you need further assistance with the issue.

If the issue is not resolved during the first call, the K12 Customer Support technician will schedule a follow up call with the student. If after routine troubleshooting the technician determines the computer cannot be fixed, they will submit a request for a replacement computer.

My Info

My Info is a tool designed for the parent-Learning Coach allowing them to look up important account and school information in one place. The Learning Coach can access My Info either by clicking the My Info Quick Link in their Online School or going to and entering their Online School user name and password. See below for a sample of the types of information available in My Info:

  • Contact Information - update your phone and email address, view shipping and mailing address to ensure the school has the most up-to-date information
  • Stores user names and passwords – create new student logins or change you or your student’s login information
  • Student Course Information – assigned courses, start dates and course progress
  • Teacher Information – teacher name and contact information

Please be sure to explore the "My Info" video tutorial in the Customer Support site at!

Internet Connections

Refer to the information about Internet connections in this section. K12 Customer Support can only help if it is determined that there is a hardware problem with the laptop. Obtaining Internet service and connecting is required before enrollment. The laptops are set up to be able to connect successfully to any Internet connection. Work with your local Internet service provider for connection problems first.

Wireless Internet Connection

  • If wireless connection is not working, the first thing to check is that the Internet can be connected by plugging it in directly to the modem with an Ethernet cable.
  • If the laptop connects to the Internet using an Ethernet cable, the problem is likely with the wireless network or with the ability of the laptop to receive the wireless signal
    • Click on the icon in the bottom task bar on the laptop for Wireless Connections, then click “View Available Networks”. The network should appear. If not, try clicking on “Refresh Network List (see diagram below)
    • If the wireless network is still not appearing in the list, try resetting the wireless router by unplugging it from the power source and plugging it back in after about 10 seconds. Wait a minute or so for everything to start back up and then check the list of available networks again.
    • Check to make sure that the wireless switch on the laptop is on. The switch may be located on the front or above the keyboard.

Speakers and Microphones

Another priority will be to make sure the headset with microphone works correctly, and that sound can be heard out of the built-in speakers when the headset is not attached.

If there is no sound, check the task bar to make sure the sound is not set to mute (First image below). Double-click the speaker icon in the task bar to check or adjust the volume setting (see image below).

Another way to access the sound settings is through the Control Panel that is accessible from the Start menu. If the troubleshooting steps do not resolve your sound issue, please call K12 Customer Support at 877-994-4766 option 2.