General FAQs

What's your curriculum like?

How do we report an absence?

How much does iQ Academy cost?

Does my child HAVE to attend school?

How old CAN my child be to attend school?

Can my student participate in sports?

Does iQ Academy have Homecoming or Prom?

How do I return materials?

Is there state testing like in brick and mortar schools?

Where do I log in?

Where are the Orientation videos?

Does my child receive a real high school diploma?

Is iQ Academy accredited?

Can my child attend part-time with iQ Academy?

What is an ILP?

How do I update my contact information?

What if we move while we are enrolled?

Elementary (K-5) FAQs

Does my child receive any manipulatives, books, or other materials?

I have three elementary-aged children. Will we deal with three different teachers?

Secondary (6-12) FAQs

Can my child choose their classes?

My child is an advanced learner.  How can you help?