General FAQs

What's your curriculum like?

  • We use two types of curriculum.
  • Grades K-5 use a K12 mastery based curriculum where the student must pass a mastery test with each assignment before they are allow to continue. The Learning Coach (parent/legal guardian) is heavily involved and acts as the student's primary on-site teacher.
  • Grades 6-12 curriculum is conducted completely online with Blackboard Collaborative live or recorded sessions with the subject's teacher. The Learning Coach (parent/guardian) can keep track of assignments and progress by simply logging into the class website.

How do we report an absence?

  • Call 218.998.0544 x 9214 and give your name, your child's name, their grade, the date, and the reason for the absence.
  • You can also kmail your child's homeroom teacher.

How much does iQ Academy cost?

  • iQ Academy is a public school. Therefore, attendance is free to any Minnesota resident child.

Does my child HAVE to attend school?

  • Yes. The State of MN requires every child to attend some sort of school from the age of 7 until the age of 17. This school can be Public, Private, Charter, Home School, Online, Alternative Learning Center (ALC), or Post Secondary Education Option (PSEO).

How old CAN my child be to attend school?

  • The State of MN requires every child attending Kindergarten to be at least 5 years of age by September 1st of that school year. If your child turns 5 after that cut off date, they will need to wait until the next school year to enroll.

Can my student participate in sports?

  • Certainly! If you wish to participate in sports as a Fergus Falls Otter, contact the Kennedy Secondary School's Activities Director, Derek Abrahams.
  • If your student wishes to participate in sports with their local team, you can get more information by contacting our School Counselor, Cheryl Bormann. She will explain the regulations and give options.

Does iQ Academy have Homecoming or Prom?

  • iQ Academy students are part of the Fergus Falls School system and allowed to attend the District 544 activities such as Snoball, Homecoming or Prom-just to mention a few. For more information you can contact the Kennedy Secondary High School Office by calling 218.998.0544 x 9600 or email Brenda Hanson.

How do I return materials?

  • Please call the K12 customer service number at 1-866-512-2273 to learn how to ship your materials back.

Is there state testing like in brick and mortar schools?

  • Yes. As a public school, we are required to administer the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCAs) each spring. Enrolled families agree to traveling to our regional testing locations on the days of testing when they agree to the terms and conditions of their enrollment.

Where do I log in?

Where are the Orientation videos?

Does my child receive a real high school diploma?

  • Yes. iQ Academy Minnesota is partnered with Fergus Falls Public School District 544. As such, your child will receive a Fergus Falls Public Schools diploma upon meeting graduation requirements.

Is iQ Academy accredited?

  • Yes, all K12 schools are accredited through AdvanceEd Accreditation.

Can my child attend part-time with iQ Academy?

  • If you are in grades 6-12, certainly! If you enroll in 1-5 classes with iQ Academy, you are considered part-time. You can then supplement your schedule with classes at your local school.
  • Some students do this so they can locally take Band, Choir, or another elective classes.
  • Part time enrollment deadlines are usually 3 weeks after each semester begins.

What is an ILP?

  • An Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) is put together by the student's primary teacher.

How do I update my contact information?

  • Whenever your contact information including address, phone or email change, you need to contact our iQMN office right away so we can stay in contact. Please contact our Registrar by emailing her at amakovsky@iqmn.org. Please include your name, the name of your student(s), why you are emailing, and the updated information.

What if we move while we are enrolled?

  • If you physically move to a new school district, a new Open Enrollment form must be completed and sent to us. To do this, follow these steps:
  1. Click here
  2. Type in your new information (choose Fill & Sign)
  3. Either fax it to (218) 414-2614 "Attn: iQ Academy OR scan & email it
  4. Also send a new Proof of Residency (POR) when faxing or emailing the Open Enrollment form. PORs can be utility bills, internet bills, paystubs, etc. Anything with the Legal Guardian"s name and address on it.

Elementary (K-5) FAQs

Does my child receive any manipulatives, books, or other materials?

  • Yes. Students in grades K-5 receive a shipment of books, science materials, math & art manipulatives at the beginning of the school year.

I have three elementary-aged children. Will we deal with three different teachers?

  • Each grade in K-5 is assigned to a teacher, so the answer is yes. In some cases, one of our teachers may be the instructor for more than one grade because of the class size being small but usually each grade has a teacher that is able to focus on that grade's curriculum.

Secondary (6-12) FAQs

Can my child choose their classes?

  • Yes. After the core curriculum classes (Language Arts, Math, Science and History) are chosen, we have a number of electives that range from learning a foreign language to developing your artistic passions to the exciting world of game design!

My child is an advanced learner. How can you help?

  • We can challenge your child with accelerated classes at an Honors or Advanced Placement (AP) level.
  • We also offer Post Secondary Education Option (PSEO) so your child can work towards earning college credits while attending high school. This option is available for Sophomores and up depending on their GPA.